ILRI wins 10 awards for communication excellence

The international Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences (ACE) recently presented the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) with 10 top awards for excellence in communication.
ACE aims to extend knowledge about agriculture, natural resources, and life and human science to people worldwide by developing the professional skills of its members. Members include writers, editors, photographers, web developers and researchers working in universities, government agencies and research organizations in the public and private sectors throughout the world. ACE operates an annual Critique and Awards programme geared toward providing members with professional critiques of their work and recognizing those who have excelled. (

This year ILRI won 10 top awards: two gold, four silver and four bronze awards. The awards were presented to ILRI’s corporate communications officer, Grace Ndungu, by ACE’s president Bob Sams at a banquet organized for the conference participants in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 19 June 2007.


Bruce Scott, ILRI’s director of partnerships and communication, says ‘the efforts that have been put into making sure that ILRI’s communicates to the world professionally – so that science can make the biggest difference on world poverty – are starting pay off significantly. It’s very rewarding that others judge us to excel at this.’

007 ACE Gold Awards

Covers of three ILRI big issue briefs: Saving Lives and Protecting Livelihoods,
Climate Change in Africa and Combating Bird flu

Cover of the sixth Annual Peter Doherty lecture

2007 ACE Silver Awards

Content, images and overall presentation of the ILRI Annual Report 2005 ‘Knowledge to Action’

Film script of the ILRI and Doyle Foundation ‘Trypanosomosis Control’ DVD

Images and overall presentation of ILRI’s information folder

Image of a  woman spinning cotton in her home in southern Mali,
contained in the ILRI Annual Report 2005

2007 ACE Bronze Awards

Cover of the ‘Mapping climate vulnerability and poverty in Africa’ book

Content, images and overall presentation of the
‘Highlights’ section in the ILRI Annual Report 2005

Image, message and overall presentation of ILRI’s 2006 Christmas Greeting Card

Filming of the ‘ILRI at Work 2006’ DVD

In previous years ILRI has won 6 ACE awards: one gold, two silver and three bronze, for its cutting-edge communications products. (

ILRI wins five international communication awards

ILRI receives 5 top honours for the institute's communications products.

International communications professionals have awarded ILRI 5 top honours for the institute’s communications products. ILRI’s poster series won gold and four other products won silver: ILRI’s calendar, holiday card, photoessay (‘Niger: Behind the Famine Footage’), and a paid editorial that ran in Scotland’s Herald newspaper during then G8 meeting in Glenneagles in 2005.

Herald Editorial

Photoessay – Niger:Behind the Famine Footage

ILRI Calendar 2006 (front)

Christmas Holiday card (inside)

These awards were bestowed by Association for Communication Excellence (ACE), the world’s leading international professional organization for agricultural communications. They were presented in Quebec City in June 2006. The previous year, ILRI won a bronze award from ACE for the design of its 10-year-anniversary logo.

ILRI's 10th Anniversary Logo



ILRI's Eric Ouma receiving an award from ACE (2005)

In previous years, ILRI has won other design awards for its posters from the International Advertising Society.

ILRI’s director for partnerships and communications, Mr Bruce Scott, said ‘ILRI conducts livestock research to reduce severe poverty, hunger and environmental degradation in poor countries. We try to offer communications that are as compelling as they are authoritative so that our science can make the biggest difference on world poverty. It is particularly rewarding that our communications peers judge us to excel at this.’